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We design and code for humans, machines and a brighter future

Welcome to One Day Interact!

Unifying five generations of inventive blacksmiths

We are

Askers, Thinkers, Artists, Makers, Tryers, Failers, Do againers, Realisers.

A creative design collective based in Stockholm, Sweden with expertise ranging from brand strategy to programming.

Charli Kasselbäck

Creative Director
076 23 57 589

Ivica Prgomet

Senior Art Director
070 79 57 132

Jonas Engkvist

UX Specialist
070 39 10 991

Joakim Nyström

070 95 15 367

Måns Wikström

Art Director
072 54 29 911

I want to

I want to join you!

Hire us!

Hire the whole team or put together a smaller dream team to run your project from start to finish. Or borrow as many of us as you like to join your team on site.


Play with us, set out on a serious mission or become friends forever. We embark any vessel with a lovable crew and a thrilling quest. Every year there’s a bunch of free GOODI hours to unlock for those who need our help to do good for others and steer the ship towards a brighter future for all.

Join us!

Great things requires great people. If you feel ONE DAY seems to be the right state of mind for you and see a potential to make us even better, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Oneday Interact AB

Kungsgatan 66, 111 22 Stockholm +46 (0)707 95 71 32