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Digitally remaking SABO - the Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies - is an extensive endeavor lasting for over two years. The project involves all digital channels, with the website as a hub for SABOs digital ecosystem. The aim was set from the beginning - at the forefront of the digitization that is now taking place. SABO's wanted their new web to lead the way and inspire further innovations and creative digital applications throughout the public sector.

User research clearly showed that SABOs members are very satisfied with their Association. Members look upon their association as a key source for advice, inspiration and education. But still many members find it hard to articulate the benefits of being a member. SABO wanted to:

  • increase the use of SABOs knowledge.
  • strengthen their brand as experts within the public housing area.
  • better reach out to and educate members and political influencers.
  • increase networking and collaboration between members.

The project so far resulted in a brand new website.

  • Strategical workshops
  • Mapping of organisational needs and conditions
  • User testing
  • Focus group testing
  • Modernized digital brand
  • New website

The new website has user needs and business outcomes in it’s DNA. Every detail is carved out to drive member benefit, and every member feature demonstrates SABO’s position as digital innovators. And there is now much more pedagogical space for SABO to communicate their knowledge and expertise.

SABO now has a competent toolkit for meeting their members needs. After all, creating the best member experience requires that SABO, as an organization, is able to maintain and update all the information, communication and functionality offered by the new website.

SABOs site entered IDG’s top100 websites in 2018 and won its class as the Best Organization Website 2018 with this motivation: “Despite the extensive content for departments such as education and e-commerce, they managed to create a modern, responsive site that the visitor quickly experiences as logically structured.”

The new web will bring even greater membership benefits and make public service more visible.

Anders Nordstrand, CEO of SABO

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