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Awarded ice typography for Icehotel

Renowned Swedish editorial designer John bark and One Day's creative director Charli Kasselbäck, embarked on two typographic endeavours above the nordic polar circle, making art suites for Icehotel Jukkasjärvi. Design that made it to the Type Directors Club NY Award 2015, and in part still can be experienced at the Icehotel 365.

Our challenge was to come up with a design and build art suites for the seasonal Icehotel and year around Icehotel 365. The finished work had to be made all out of snow and ice and work as an art exhibition during day time and accommodate sleeping guests at night.

  • Design of two 4×5 m art suites that both work as art and a hotel room.
  • Only use ice, snice (packed snow and ice ) and Torne River ice.
  • Build by hand in a team of two during 14 days per room.

Once our concept got selected we refined, planned and templated or designs. Upon arrival we had 14 days or 336 hours to turn our design into shimmering Torne river ice. 

  • Concept, design and refinement.
  • Planning and templating.
  • Hands on work in snow, snice and ice, using chainsaw, chisels and shovel.
  • Our first art suite was created for the 25th anniversary of the Seasonal Icehotel, 2015
  • Our second art suite was created for the opening of Icehotel 365, 2017

The art suite for the 25th anniversary of the Seasonal Icehotel 2015, turned out to be well appreciated and accommodated hundreds of guests during its 4 month service, before meltdown in spring. The design was awarded by The Type Directors Club New York, exhibited around the world and got published in leading design magazines. The art suite for the opening of Icehotel 365, 2017 is still in service.

  • Well appreciated by hundreds of guests and Icehotel
  • TDC Award and world tour exhibit.
  • Acknowledgement by leading design magazines in Europe and the US.
John Bark and Charli Kasselbäck
Type in snow
number five

We are in a time of constant and rapid changes in technology. We have gone from Hot Type to
Cold Set to Digital Type in a short period of time. But despite that, the classic typography lives on
and thrives, and we wanted our room to be a tribute to the typographical craftsmanship

John Bark

Turning our ideas and 3D sketches into real two meter tall ice letters made of shimmering, unforgiving Torne River ice, required planning, attention to detail, stubbornness and lots of hard work, through blood, sweat and tears.

Charli Kasselbäck
ice and chizel

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