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Monitoring environmental impact in new ways

Sigicom is the provider of an IoT-system for measuring environmental impacts on construction sites. INFRA Net is their digital tool for remotely monitoring and analyzing data from sensors and devices on site. Launching new measuring devices and adapting to new needs among users meant rebuilding the INFRA Net from the ground up.

With new measuring devices just coming to market and changing needs from a growing customer base, INFRA Net had reached its breaking point. It was time for a shift to a new platform.

Sigicom wanted to

  • Increase the overall ease-of-use and understanding of the system.
  • Meet clients needs for mobile usage and responsive design.
  • Create a robust design able to adapt to future product series.
  • Enable users self-sufficient device fleet management.
  • Offer a more project centric approach.
  • Offer a more location and map centric approach to construction site monitoring.
  • Offer more ways to visualize monitoring data and project setups.

The process of launching this new product has been continuous work for over 2 years.

Changing the everyday tool for a lot of users with large construction projects can have major consequences. Therefore, involving users in every stage of the process, and working closely with Product management and both Hardware and Software teams has been key to success.

Sigicom are innovators at heart, and in the forefront of their business. Their curious and encouraging work culture has given the opportunity to try new ideas and processes. And to fail and try again, continuously designing on new insights.

One Days areas of responsibility in this project can be summarized as follows:

  • UX strategy
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • User research
  • Design sprints and service design workshops
  • Figma design system

The new INFRA Net is taking a giant leap towards a new standard of measuring and monitoring environmental impact. It has simpler and faster ways of setting up highly complex monitoring projects, on site. With the map centric approach, users have better monitoring capabilities in their projects. And it offers richer data for compliance and decision making.

The new INFRA Net also allows customers to optimize usage and revenue from their equipment. Taking a mobile first perspective, the new UI is leaning against Google’s material design system – but with quite a lot of adaptations to the conditions in this particular work area. Being one of the main touchpoints, the new design system also has a clear identity in harmony with the Sigicom brand.


"It's inspiring to see that even though OneDay Interact has been working with Sigicom for some time now, they consistently offer fresh perspectives on ongoing design challenges. OneDay Interact's industry knowledge, versatility, and creative problem-solving skills make them a joy to work with."

Roy Brons, Product Manager at Sigicom


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