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Visual update for a healthier nation

1177 Vårdguiden, is Sweden's national hub for advice, information, inspiration and e-services for health and healthcare. As a collaborative effort between all county councils and regions 1177 Vårdguiden serves all people living in, or visiting, Sweden through telephone, web and e-services.

1177 Vårdguiden approached One Day Interact in need of a visual identity update. The main goal was to better support the brand’s vision, facilitate coherent brand communication and meet the demands of an emerging digital health care landscape. Since the Health Guide 1177 brand is co owned by 21 independent regions and councils without a centralized brand managing function, the biggest challenge was to design assets that would be freely adopted and implemented. 


1177 Vårdguiden wanted to:

  • Unite their brand communication over all 21 regions and councils
  • Support their vision and position
  • Update their visual brand assets to meet digital demands
  • Facilitate brand communication production
  • Inspire communicators to adopt and use the system

We formed a concept that strives for simplicity, longevity and ease of use. A system that aims to embody the whole spectra of human health matters, from the joy and anticipation of birth, to the hardships of cancer. Rather than going for a neutral, clinical tone, we decided to steer towards the brighter side of things. Something that can help to tell the story of what’s possible. Show the light in the dark, the positive in the difficult.

The circular shapes engraved in the existing 1177 logo became the cornerstone of the system. A means for bringing messages and images forward, focusing and structuring content and give life through animation.

Together with a more optimized typeface, brighter color palette and minimalistic new iconographic language the end result is a distinct new signature that can be applied by communicators with varying skillsets and tools, supported by online assets, templates and a set of design principles.

  • Workshop and audits with stakeholders and users
  • Collaborative design development
  • Updated WCAG secured brand color palette
  • Updated signature typeface for print and digital touchpoints
  • Updated body text typeface for print and digital touchpoints
  • New graphic and layout element-system
  • New iconography
  • Applications for print, social media and TV
  • Online brand manual and brand asset directory

The visual update is being in its early stage of adoption. Communicators in regions and councils around Sweden are starting to implement and use the new brand assets. More to come!
iphone applications

An online resource for visual identity assets


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