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A digital platform for an entire industry, literally

Systembolaget (the Swedish alcohol monopoly)  offers a digital portal for their suppliers of wine, spirits and beer. The portal covers the entire distribution flow.  From announcements and quotes, to resource management, distribution and follow-up. For three years (2015-2018) the portal has undergone a digital metamorphosis, to become a comprehensive solution for all communication and administration. Competent to handle basically all dialogue between Systembolaget and their suppliers.

User research suggested that the existing supplier portal had great potential for enhancement. Suppliers demanded improvements in navigation, mobile handling and article management. They also sought a more efficient and transparent way of working towards Systembolaget.

Systembolaget  wanted to:
– Meet modern demands on mobile use and responsive design
– Reduce manual handling through automation and simplified processes
– Increase the accuracy of information about each supplier and its articles
– Clarify and streamline communication between Systembolaget & vendors


The project resulted in a rebuilt platform in every aspect of its sense: database structures, system integrations, functionality, organizational processes and user interface. One Day Interact contributed with interaction design for administrative processes and new functionality. We also set visual design and UX for the entire platform. 

– Wireframing
– Prototyping
– User interviews
– User workshops
– User testing
– UI Design
– Design System guidelines


The new Supplier Portal is the primary communication and administration tool for suppliers in a whole industry. It is a fully responsive solution, providing transparency and efficient communication all the way. The new portal also releases administrative workload for Systembolaget, which can be turned into activities that benefit both suppliers and consumers more directly.

New functionality and a brand new interface also give suppliers new freedom to manage their entire business relationship with Systembolaget in a more secure way.

We believe close collaboration has been key for succeeding with this ambitious endeavour. The highly skilled people at Systembolaget has user focus built in to their DNA. And the consultants from Accenture and Avanade played and invaluable part as technical enablers.


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