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Innovative farming in Nepal

Community Impact Nepal is transforming farming in Nepal, providing innovative tools, effective farming methods and connection to the market. We got the opportunity to support this endeavor by defining their brand.

In Nepal many smallholder farmers are facing increased challenges in sustaining their agriculture and livelihoods due to climate change, irregular weather and increased competition with large scale farms in India.

Agriculture has a long tradition in Nepal, with today’s smallholder farmers doing things pretty much the same way as the generation before them.

Community Impact Nepal wants to challenge that. They want to inspire farmers in Nepal to try new ways and encourage an innovative approach to farming.

Community Impact Nepal had already started their journey when they approached us. A mobile app was being developed and investors had started to pick up an interest. The baby was due and they needed to reach out and communicate their powerful idea.


It started off as a simple question from founder and social entrepreneur Björn Söderberg – can you make a logo for us? We got inspired by the whole idea and the value it would potentially bring to the farming community of Nepal. So we decided to make this a part of our GOODI concept, where we allocate an annual budget to pro-bono work for non-profit organizations.

We ended up defining the Community Impact Nepal brand. Inspiration was picked up from nature and the traditional terrace cultivation that forms the rural landscape of Nepal. The visual identity is a balancing act between organic forms and digital freshness – bridging the gap between local traditions and effective farming with innovative tools.

  • Logotype
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Iconography
  • UI-concepts & application tests


Implementing the new digital identity for Community Impact Nepal is just starting off. The UI concepts are being used as foundation for further development of the mobile app. The brand components are coming to use step by step in Community Impact Nepal’s communication with users and stakeholders. We are super excited to follow this social entrepreneur and to see our design contribute to the empowering of rural communities in Nepal.



Community Impact Nepal

"The logotype and visual identity captures our work supporting smallholder farmers and low cost housing for poor and rural communities. Level of detail and thought behind each icon, button and color made it really easy for us to implement in presentations, mobile app and website."

Björn Söderberg, social entrepreneur


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