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Keep your nose off the grindstone

Things can’t be all work & no play. Sometimes we kick the budget and just run with the idea. For fun, for giving back to society, for nurturing creativity and greater innovation power into all other work.

Catch the bus

Traffic information at the stopover are pretty boring. Could it become more visually appealing, and at the same time more usable? We decided to make a short lab on it. After a few iterations we came up with a layered timeline that lets travelers decide how long until the next bus in a wink, and from far away.

All feedback is welcome, we’d love to take it to prototype in a collaboration.


Many great design thinkers talk about the importance of ethics in digital design. But it seems hard to lead these thoughts into concrete actions that make a difference. We decided to try converting UNs declaration of human rights into 10 principles for digital design The principles are written as user stories, available to all coders, designers and stakeholders. Have a look at the website

10 universal principles for digital design ethics
GDPR Guide

The GDPR legislation is kind of like the millennium bug – everyone is talking about it, but few knows what to do.

We teamed up with business executive Christian Lystrup, and accountant & GDPR specialist Yalda Mirbaz to develop an easy-to-use step-by-step guide, for all people struggling to get their business GDPR-compliant. We had fun and things rolled on – before we knew it both visual identity and a web store where in place along with the actual tool. Check it out.

Build Up Nepal

Sustainable entrepreneur Björn Söderberg needed a visual mark for his newly started reconstruction project in Nepal. His mission was to develop a movement and method that would teach people in villages, ruined by the earthquake 2014, to rebuild their homes and schools with local materials, earthquake safe constructions, simple machines and training.

Check out the project.

Build Up Nepal Identity

Emergency care isn’t always as organized as you may imagine. In the heat of battle you miss, forget or do things in the wrong order. There is always a risk of malpractice or failure to document completed actions.

This app prototype is intended to reduce the risk of malignant treatment during cardiovascular rescue. It follows a scientifically proven step-by-step process, where algorithms calculate the choice of medication and dosage. At the same time, all actions are documented to follow with the patient during aftercare.

Any suggestions are welcome, and we’d love to make it happen together.


What if you could donate to charity and let a company sponsor your gift if you mention it in social media? Who would win on such a transaction? Everyone, it turned out. Together benefactors and sponsoring companies double each other’s budget for charity. Charities and people in need are also winners of course. Try out the prototype and tell us what you think. Or read the full Medium article about this Lab session.

LAB with us

One day a week we choose not to work in paid projects. Instead, we innovate and realize those ideas that never gets explored, or that amazing concept that no one dares to invest in.

Care to join us for a LAB session? No strings attached.

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I want to hire you!

Hire us!

Hire the whole team or put together a smaller dream team to run your project from start to finish. Or borrow as many of us as you like to join your team on site.

Join us!

Great things requires great people. If you feel ONE DAY seems to be the right state of mind for you and see a potential to make us even better, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’d love to hear from you.


Play with us, set out on a serious mission or become friends forever. We embark any vessel with a lovable crew and a thrilling quest. Every year there’s a bunch of free GOODI hours to unlock for those who need our help to do good for others and steer the ship towards a brighter future for all.

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